The Black Knight Satellite

“Most certainly, some planets are not inhabited, but others are, and among these there must exist life under all conditions and phases of development.” – Nikola Tesla

In 1899, famed scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla was monitoring a high-voltage radio transmission of his own design in Colorado Springs when he began receiving transmissions from an unknown origin.

The signal, according to Tesla, was mathematical in nature, indicating that it had come from an intelligent source. He claimed that the orientation of the electrical signal suggested that it could not have come from Earth, which at first, he assumed it to be originating from Mars.

Few years later, Tesla changed his opinion and stated in one of his conferences that the mysterious signal was coming from somewhere else in space.

Tesla said that the source of the signal had been moving periodically before disappearing and reappearing again under unknown circumstances. This led him to believe that the signal was extraterrestrial communication with aliens.

During the 1900s, strange unidentified radio signals were reported by astronomers around the globe that bore the same hallmarks of Tesla’s account. In 1928, Ham radio operator Jorgen Hals claimed that he had picked up a transmission from an unknown origin. 

When Hals was experimenting with radio signals, he noted that there was a strange ‘signal echo’ that occurred after the initial transmission ended, and that he could not explain the anomaly that caused what he referred to later as “long-delayed echoes”.

In 1954, UFO researcher and author of the book “Aliens in Space: The Real Story of Unidentified Flying Objects” Donald Keyhoe told newspapers that the U.S Air Force had reported that two unknown satellites orbiting Earth had been detected. At the time, no country had the technology to launch a satellite into space. He claimed that the government knew about them and was trying to discover their source. The St. Louis Dispatch picked up the news and published an article titled “Artificial Satellites Are Circling Earth. Writer on ‘Saucers’ says”.

In 1957, the first man-made satellites ‘Sputnik 1’ and ‘Sputnik 2’ were launched to space by the Soviet Union. Dr. Luis Corralos, with the Communications Ministry in Venezuela, was taking pictures of Sputnik 2 as it passed over Caracas, where another strange artificial object showed up in one of his photographs.

In 1960, an American satellite showed this mysterious object following Sputnik 1, which was still orbiting the Earth. The UFO, however, appeared to be in polar orbit. This could explain why the signals that had been received for decades would mysteriously vanish and reappear in seemingly random new locations. At the time, neither the U.S nor the Soviets were capable of deploying a satellite of that type of orbit. The object also appeared to be much larger and heavier than anything either country could launch.

Throughout the year, the Time magazine as well as other news publications began reporting on this mysterious object and referred to it as possibly having extraterrestrial origin. Some North American Ham radio operators intercepted signals coming from the object. Some even reported receiving coded messages. 

The messages were later picked up by Scottish astronomer and author Duncan Lunan who analyzed the signals from Hals and suggested that the messages were possibly coming from a 13,000 years old space probe sent by the inhabitants of a planet orbiting the binary-star system Epsilon Boötis.

“Start here. Our home is Upsilon Bootes, which is a double star. We live on the sixth planet of seven, coming from the sun, which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon. Our fourth planet has three. Our first and third planets each have one. Our probe is in the position of Arcturus, known in our maps.” Said the decoded messages in Lunan’s translation.

On September 3, 1960, the object appeared for the first time on radar, and people on the ground were able to see it with the naked eye for two weeks. The government reportedly established a committee to investigate the object, but no report was ever made in public.

In 1963, Astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed that he saw a strange glowing green light ahead of his space capsule during his 15th orbit around Earth in the Mercury 9 mission. A tracking station in Australia, over which the spacecraft was orbiting at the time, confirmed seeing the object on radar as well. The evening news reported on Cooper’s sighting, and for the first time, the object was dubbed the “Black Knight Satellite”.

NASA soon debunked Cooper’s sighting, claiming that there had been a malfunction in the space capsule which caused gases to emit what appeared to him as glowing light. As a result – they said, Cooper had a hallucination and did not see a UFO.

Cooper later confirmed that he had definitely seen a UFO during his space orbit in 1963, and that NASA was prohibiting him from discussing it. During his lifetime, Cooper was very vocal about his belief in extraterrestrial life and his frustration about the U.S. government trying to cover up hard evidence of alien contact. 

“For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. Why? Because authority is afraid that people may think of God knows what kind of horrible invaders. So the password still is: We have to avoid panic by all means.” Cooper said during an interview by J.L Ferrando.

In 1998, astronauts were on their way to the International Space Station (ISS) during their Shuttle Endeavour Mission STS-088, when they took 5 photographs of the Black Knight Satellite orbiting the Earth. NASA again disagreed with the astronauts and labelled what they saw as space debris.

Image Credit: NASA (STS088-724-65)
Image Credit: NASA (STS088-724-66)
Image Credit: NASA (STS088-724-68)
Image Credit: NASA (STS088-724-69)
Image Credit: NASA (STS088-724-70)

In 2015, two separate clips from two different people in different parts of the United State appeared on YouTube, which showed the mysterious object passing by the Moon during July 31’s Blue Moon – two full moons in the same month.

The video clips were followed up by a photograph posted on a U.S. UFO website known as “MUFON” that was taken during the Blue Moon event.

Image Credit: MUFON

The photograph shows a strange looking object passing by the Moon on July 31, which viewers suggested that it looks like the Black Knight Satellite as seen from NASA’s 1998 images.


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